What are the estate agents fees?

In Thailand the general fees for a real estate sales transaction are 5% which are paid by the vendor, though fees can vary on a case-by-case basis.

Is it possible for a foreigner to own property in Thailand?

A foreigner can own a condominium outright in his or her own name. Buying a house or villa is a little more complicated, it requires setting up a Thai company which will own the property, with the foreigner in control of the company. We can arrange this for you. It can be done fairly quickly and it is relatively inexpensive.

Are there any local government (council or municipal) taxes or rates?

No. But for a new property there is a one-time charge for the transfer as well as for the electricity and water meters.

What about electricity and water bills?

Utility costs are far lower than in Western countries.

Can a foreigner obtain bank finance in Thailand?

It is extremely difficult for foreigners, though some developers do offer finance.

What is the general method of payment for a real estate transaction?

Virtually all payments are made by international bank transfer in foreign currency.

What are the import duties on items such as a car or furniture?

Import taxes are quite high, especially on a new vehicle. It is cheaper, more convenient and less time-consuming to make such purchases in Thailand.

Is there a demand for rental properties?

Being an international resort by the sea and a very famous and popular tourist destination, demand is generally strong, particularly in high season. Obviously, the finer properties in the best locations generate the most interest.


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